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Vickers Viscount CF-THF May 1966
The Vickers Viscount was the first turboprop airliner. It was planed at the end of WW II and made it's maiden flight in 1949.

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Vickers Vanguard V.953 CF-TXA May 1966
The Vickers Vanguard was developed in the 60's when jet airliners became popular.

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Vickers Viscount_CF-TIE_fin649, DC-8, Sept 1968 Vickers Vanguard Sept 1965
The Vanguard had a built-in foldable stairway.
The Viscount had characteristic oval door openings.
Vickers Vanguard
Vickers Viscount CF-TGT fin 612
Vickers Vanguard
Vickers Viscount CF-TIG fin 642 TCA, sept 1965, Dorval
Vickers Vanguard
Vickers Viscount_CF-TIE_fin649, Sept 1968
The Viscounts and Vanguards wore both the old Trans-Canada Airlines and "new" Air Canada graphics.
Vickers Viscount_CF-TIE_fin649, DC-8, Super Constellation Vickers Vanguard CF-TKD mai 1966
The Viscounts and Vanguards came around when some Constellations still flew and were used for some time after the jets came.
Vickers Viscount CF-TIG fin 642 TCA, DC-8 Eastern, sept 1965, Dorval

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Vanguard, Air Cananda, June 1968
Vickers Vanguard

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Photos : Air Canada Viscount en vol/in flight - Dorval , mai/May 1966
Air Canada Vanguard en vol/in flight - Dorval , mai/May 1966
Air Canada Vanguard escalier escamotable/retractable stairway - Dorval , septembre/September 1965
Trans Canada Air Lines Vanguard - Dorval , septembre/September 1965
Air Canada Vanguard embossé/embossed - Dorval , juin/june 1968

Some parts of the text found in :

Air Canada, le pionnier du Nord in Toute l'Aviation. La grande aventure technologique des avions civils et militaires, Éditions Atlas, 1992.

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