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- Vickers Vanguard -

Vickers Vanguard dec 1965, Dorval
On this picture taken late afternoon in December 1965, this Vanguard shines under the sunset. One cannot say the same for this service car...
Vickers Vanguard May 1966 Vickers Vanguard May 1966
A Vanguard approaching 24 R.

Did you recognize the Montée de Liesse?

I was 15 and came to this spot by bike from Villeray neighbourhood. A good ride!

Vanguard Vanguard sept 1971
Not only did the Vanguard have a caracteristic silhouette, but the engines had a particular sound signature. Easy to hear a Viscount or a Vanguard coming in without seeing either one. I won quite a few bets with friends who knew the different planes but did not yet learn to distinguish them by sound.
The Vickers Vanguard was flown by Air Canada from 1961 to 1972.

Using four Tyne RTY 11 Rolls-Royce, it could carry 108 passengers at a cruising speed of 668 km p h (415 mph) over a range of 4 506 kilometers (2 800 miles).

Source : http://www.aircanada.ca/about-us/our-fleet/au303u.html

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