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This picture (see also enlarged version) from the early '60S was taken by my brother François. Afew classic airliners can be seen as they came to YUL at the time. Two Viscount : one from Transcanada Air Lines the other from Northeast Airlines. The plane on the right from SAS is a DC-7 (another four propeller engine plane). Vickers Viscount CF-THD fin 622 début '60, Dorval
Vickers Viscount CF-THQ fin 635 July 1966, Dorval Take a good look at this picture (or se the enlarged version). You can see all the aircraft types Air Canada had in its fleet at on time. Vickers Viscount, McDonnell Douglas DC-9, Vickers Vanguard (in the backof the row) and a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 on a taxiway.
Vickers Vicount & McDonnell Douglas DC-8, April 1966
A Vickers Viscount and a McDonnell Douglas DC-8 in April 1966.

Ilyushin IL-62, CK-YBB Vickers Viscount fin436 & McDonnell Douglas DC-8, Sept 1971, Dorval
Vickers Viscount, McDonnell Douglas DC-8 et Boeing 747 Air France sept 1971, Dorval Golden days of the aeroquai.

Big jet liners could be observed from the exterior observation deck. We could also see a great variety of planes.

The Vickers Viscount was flown by Air Canada from 1955 to 1974.

With four Rolls-Royce - Dart - 506 C Turboprop, it could carry 48 passengers at a cruise speed of 507 km p h (315 mph) with a range of 2 414 kilometers (1 500 statute miles).

Source : http://www.aircanada.ca/about-us/our-fleet/au303v.html

Vickers Viscount, CF-THV spring 1972, Dorval
Vickers Viscount, Department of transport (DOT) January 1972, Dorval

Enlarged version (left) 1024X660 pixels ~170 Kb

Vickers Viscount, CF-THA, September 1971, Dorval

In the early '70s, you could see a Viscount bearing the Department of transport (DOT) colors (above) and others (right). Probably exAir Canada planes.

Vickers Viscount, CF-THA, September 1971, Dorval

Viscount are now mostly seen in museums.

This one is stored in St-Hubert (CYHU) waiting to be put on display in the Quebec Air and Space Museum

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